The D.C. Shore: Reality TV at its Worst

Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, The Sunday Morning Talk Shows.
They all have succumbed to making our nation’s capital the subject of the worst Reality-TV show on the air. In the age of the 24/7 cable news channels, you’d think we would get at least some good analysis of policy, at least a little bit of balanced, in-depth reporting, a platform for even the slightest bit of honest debate.
Every media outlet rarely reports on policy but rather on the personalities and on "who's winning.”
Steven Garber reminds us that Lord Bismarck, the German chancellor of an earlier day, made this wry observation about political life:
“If you want to respect sausage or law, you can’t watch either being made.”
DC SHOREThe sausage-making of creating law has become the fodder of the most ridiculous Reality-TV show on the air. Watching congress-people selfishly preen for the cameras while fabricating assertions makes the silliness of The Jersey Shore look tame by comparison.
I think that we, the American people, deserve better from both congress and our news outlets.
We are sick of watching “D.C SHORE.”

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