Fiery Political Speech Here in Canton - Side-Splittingly Funny

"If nominated tonight, I can guarantee with one hundred percent certainty that what you are seeing from me tonight is what everyone outside those doors is going to get for the next eight weeks." - Phil Davison, during his speech for the Republican nomination for Stark County Treasurer

As a citizen of Stark County, I sure wish that the Republicans would have voted for this guy to be their nominee. It would have been quite entertaining!

This video was taken at one of the schools at which I minister, Malone University, at the Stark County Republican Party meeting. Oh, man, is this funny.


Allan R. Bevere said...

Bob, I saw this yesterday. Makes you proud to be a Ohioan, doesn't it?

Mark said...

Masters degree in communication?? He did make CNN.. I have tears in my eyes...