Anakainosis is Now Online

Anakainosis: A Newsletter for Reformational Thought is now on-line at All of Life Redeemed. Anakainosis was an "informal academic periodical published by the Association for the Advancement of Christian Scholarship in Toronto, Canada."

It was first published in Sept 1978 and continued until 1986. Each volume comprised four issues. It was first edited by Al Wolters. Subsequent editors included Henk Aay, Mark Roques, David Woods, Robert VanderVennen and Chris Gousmett. It contained articles, reviews and news updates from reformational scholars.

It also republished articles by Herman Dooyeweerd, Roy Clouser, Robert Knudsen, Troost, Danie Strauss and many other well-known scholars.

Anakainosis is a Greek word that means, "a renewal, renovation, complete change for the better."

Thanks, Steve Bishop, for this!

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