March Madness All Academic Bracket

Inside Higher Ed has once again published the NCAA Men's tournament bracket, selecting winners based on the NCAA Academic Performance Rate.

This year's final four:
___North Carolina

According to the nationally comparable academic scores, the Tar Heels would win it all!


Bargain Hunter said...
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Bargain Hunter said...

This is the most unique system to fill out a bracket as I've seen. Amazing that you pick is the same as some of the experts.

What's disappointing is that this may be the only time academics is considered in coverage of March Madness. It certainly doesn't happen often.

Yes, I've enjoyed visiting here, while you follow a theme the way you diversify the posts really makes it an interesting site.

Have you been by for a look at NE Ohio Bargain Hunter? I'd like to start doing some link swapping; would you be interested?