What Are Your Three Favorite Podcasts?

I want to discover good podcasts. So I've started this meme.

What are your three favorite podcasts?

I tag nine people, and they tag some people...
and so on...
and so on...
Until we all have discover new podcasts!

And, of course, you can comment here as well with your favorite podcasts, and why you like them.

My three:

1. Fermi Project
The best podcast, period (IMHO). In a concise 20-minute podcast, Gabe Lyons and Andy Crouch interview thought leaders on the topics of the Culture, the Future, the Church, and the Gospel. A vital podcast for anyone wanting to explore how people of the Christian faith can and should shape culture.

2. Pray as You Go
"A new prayer session is produced every day. It is not a 'Thought for the Day', a sermon or a bible-study, but rather a framework for your own prayer. Lasting between ten and thirteen minutes, it combines music, scripture and some questions for reflection. The aim is to help you to:
  • become more aware of God's presence in your life
  • listen to and reflect on God's word
  • grow in your relationship with God.
It is produced by Jesuit Media Initiatives, with material written by a number of British Jesuits and other experts in the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola.

3. Behind the Lines
This is a three hour weekly music show from The Dividing Line internet broadcast network, featuring the latest in progressive rock, plus an hour dedicated to everything Genesis (rare live cuts, solo works, and covers by other bands).

I tag...
Gideon Strauss
Dan Turis
Byron Borger
Scot McKnight
Michael Kruse
Steve McCoy
Tedd Gossard
Bob Hyatt
Rick Meigs


pastor mark said...

Since Byron let you down.

1. GodPod from St. Paul's Theological Center. Three theologians field questions emailed to them. It beats Fermi Project even.

2. Bishop Will Willimon's Podcast. Some times his shtick gets repetitive but it's great shtick.

3. Any of the podcasts from the New Yorker.

Bob Robinson said...

Thanks Mark!
I've subscribed, and will check them out!

tim zimmerman said...

In addition to This Week In Tech, a tech podcast, check out Dan Carlin's podcasts, Common Sense, and especially Hardcore History. Very entertaining and you feel smarter after listening. Shining stars among podcasts by wannabe shock jocks like Nobody Likes Onions and Stereo Radiation.

Gideon Strauss said...

With some embarrasment I must admit to not listening to podcasts. When I am sitting still, I prefer to read, and I don't have a device like an iPod for when I'm walking or driving. I miss such a device most when commuting, especially when the reception from the closest classical music station (Buffalo) is poor.

Closest I come to podcasts is the wonderful Mars Hill Audio by Ken Myers, on discs, and the occassional bloggingheads dialogue from in front of my home computer.