Blogging Hiatus

I'm on a blogging hiatus.

Coming in August:
  • Spiritual Formation: How our being made in the imago Dei determines our purpose as Christians
  • Christian Political Philosophy: Interactions with Ron Sider's The Scandal of Evangelical Politics
  • McCain and Obama: Pros and Cons for Christians in selecting a candidate
  • Theology: N.T. Wright's Surprised by Hope - and how understanding the orthodox view of the Christian hope of resurrection changes how we live today
  • Emerging Church: Learning from Tom Sines' The New Conspirators


BoseKnows said...


I hope that when you make the comparisons to Obama and McCain that you'll discuss their outlook on the legality of abortion.

Though I'm a big Obama supporter, his strong emphasis on passing the Freedom of Choice Act irks me to say the least. Sadly, I'm afraid it will be the most likely of his reforms to be put into action

L.L. Barkat said...

Hi there. I know I recently sent you a High Calling welcome letter, but I also wanted to pop in just to say hi on your blog.

I notice you are a fan of Hearts and Minds Books. Me too. And I've enjoyed getting to know Byron.

Bob Robinson said...

Thanks for poppin' in. Yea, Byron is a good friend. In fact, he sold me a copy of Stone Crossings!!