Envision: Quotes on Social Justice

My friend Joel Daniel Harris is attending Envision 08: The Gospel, Politics, and the Future at Princeton this week. He offers the following quotes at his blog that should get us all thinking.

"The church should be about the earthing of heaven..." - Richard Cizik quoting others

"When we partner for God's purposes, we win no matter who we partner with... whether Muslim, or homosexual, or a different vein of Christianity, or differing morality, etc." - Richard Cizik

"Jesus didn't go around pimpin' it out that he was the Son of God." - Shane Claiborne

"Just as important as 'making poverty history' is making poverty personal." - Shane Claiborne

"We (Christians) don't have to agree on everything but we should be known for disagreeing well and respectfully." - Shane Claiborne

"Teaching Intelligent Design according to a scientific understanding actually diminishes the faith... Iprefer to live in an enchanted universe where mystery reigns rather than denigrate God to the realm of science." - Randall Balmer

"I would suggest that those who care so much about the concept of Intelligent Design should care more about the creation of that Intelligent Designer." - Randall Balmer


Nate W said...

Bob, help me understand "the earthing of Heaven"

joeldaniel said...

@ Nate...google it & you'll find several articles that mention it. the general idea is that instead of being people who wait for the paradise of heaven to happen to us some day in eternity (after we die), we are to be people who bring redemption to the earth...who live out Christ's prayer "on earth, as it is in heaven"

Nate W said...

joel:: yeah, i get that. i think where i got hung up was "earthing of heaven" as opposed to a "heavening of earth"