The Best of Jim and Dwight

I know, I know... I'm a late-comer to the fan club for NBC's TV show, The Office.
But I've become hooked.

I was turned off at first by some raunchiness I saw in the few episodes I watched. But now I'm enjoying the show. I've not seen every episode; some weeks are better than others. However, overall, I think it is one of the better written, better acted, and better directed television shows to come along in a long time.

Here are some of the great scenes between Jim and Dwight.

Experiment on Dwight

Dwight's stuff in the vending machine

Future Dwight faxes Present Dwight

Jim impersonates Dwight

Michael Intervenes in the Jim and Dwight Conflicts

Dwight considered by the CIA for a top-secret mission

Dwight keeps his rear defense

Jim and Pam invent diseases for Dwight's office health care plan

Montage of clips - Dwight and Jim's Relationship


Matt Robinson said...

Nice.........Very Nice.

I see you found the clip with Jim slapping Dwight. 7 out of 10 attacks are from the rear.

Bob Robinson said...


Thanks for your patience with me as I discovered the show.

joe said...

dude. i am so impressed that you found the office. Now, you need to check out "Scrubs" if you haven't already.


fanuv24 said...

Wow...you think that this sick stuff is funny? Is that another new twist you get from this emerging church stuff, or some kind of wacko left-wing DailyKos thing, now that you're in with the lefties so tight? What degrading, mean-spirited humor. I can believe you like this stuff...

Actually, it's side-splitting funny. I don't watch any shows regularly, but I've got to get into this one.

Miche said...

LOL! Thanks for a good laugh.