Fire Destroys The Simple Way Community Center

Early on the morning of Wednesday, June 20, The Simple Way, the ministry community in Philadelphia that Shane Claiborne calls home, experienced a 7-alarm fire that destroyed The Simple Way Community Center and at least eight neighbors’ homes.

The Community Center was the home to The Simple Way's Yes! And… afterschool program, community arts center, and their Cottage Printworks t-shirt micro-business. It was also home for two community members: Shane Claiborne and Jesce Walz have lost all of their belongings, Yes!And…’s after school studio and library were ruined, and community member Justin Donner’s Cottage Printworks equipment and t-shirts were destroyed.

In response, the community has established an emergency relief fund for The Simple Way and for those in the neighborhood who lost their homes.

For more news and how you can help The Simple Way and their neighbors in this time of need, go to their website at thesimpleway.org.

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Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for sharing this, Bob. Krista Tippett interviewed Shane Claiborne on her program Speaking of Faith entitled the new monastics

Started slow for me but was worth every minute. Thanks for sharing this.