Last Night I Had a Sleep Study Done

They wired me up - electrodes all over my head, on my legs, a thingy stuck under my nose, two bands wrapped around my torso, a microphone taped to my throat.

All nice and comfortable for a restful night of sleep.



glenn said...


I can commiserate with you. I had one of those about a year ago. It was one of my worse nights ever. It seems kind of ridiculous and I think it is another over prescribed medical test.

The bottom line is I am an older, overweight dude who snores!

Bob Robinson said...


Yea, that was my thought too - an overprescribed medical test.

Matt said...

You look so relaxed!

Michael W. Kruse said...

Yup! Been there, done that too. You sort of look like Locutis of Borg in this picture. I know that is how I felt during the test.

Bob Robinson said...

Resistance is futile. You will snore.

Ted Gossard said...