CCO's Jubilee 2006 featured in Catapult Magazine

Catapult is an excellent on-line magazine about faith and culture.

In the June issue, they featured the CCO's Jubilee Conference, our annual conference that is geared to help college students understand how their faith can impact all areas of their lives, including the very vocations that they are studying.

Catapult has the transcripts and podcasts of these speakers from the conference:

Lauren Winner
"Into Esther"
Winner takes a look at what one of the Old Testament's more obscure texts is speaking to us here and now.

Tony Campolo
"Let Christ invade your life"
How do we surrender to love as disciples of Christ in a broken world?

Carl Ellis
"Imagine the Kingdom"
On what it means to be covenant people, discovered through the themes of Scripture.

Also featured:
Photo Essay: Jubilee in pictures by Andrew Rush

"Shaping the culture that shapes you"
by Katherine Leary
An interactive session on what it means to serve Christ through business.

"Art, faith and Warhol"
by Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin
A session on the art of Andy Warhol, with an introduction by Dayton Castleman.

"Blend and blur"
by Steve Stockman
A session exploring the social implications of the Gospel.

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