New Series: Emerging Christian Ethics

(Above: Two of the books I've assigned my class)

Since I am teaching a course this semester at Malone College called "Faith and Ethics," I thought that here at the blog I'd create a series on "Emerging Christian Ethics."

Most Christian ethical systems that we operate under were forged in the Modern Era. The emerging postmodern context calls for new serious engagement with the task of ethics.

I hope to explore this in the months to come.

Please engage in the conversation!!

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Brian said...

This is great Bob - I'm looking forward to it.

I'm going to be writing a paper this term along the lines of "The Promise of Karl Barth for Postmodern Ethical Reflection" so I'll be curious to see where you go with this blog post series.

- Brian

Byron said...

Bob Robinson suffered an aortic aneurism in the wee hours of Thursday night/Friday morning. Emergency surgery went well, but this is a serious thing. A fuller report is on my blog, www.byron-harvey.com. PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR BROTHER AND FRIEND.