The Battle Against Emergent Begins

Recently on Doug Pagitt's blog, he wrote "A number of us have been suggesting for years that at some point the people who are not so pleased with the suggestions of theological and methodological changes people within Emergent are suggesting would start to express their opinions and start causing trouble. And that when it happened the accusations would become personal and relentless. I think it is fair to say that 2005 will be that year."

He cites some recently written books and presentations and websites that are attacking Brian McLaren and himself and the others of Emergent.

But then he says, quite appropriately,
"So, it is time to take up battle positions.
I suggest these Battle Positions:
A Smile
A Wink
A Prayer
A friendly Email
Offers of hospitality
Invitation to Friendships"

A great reminder.

I followed the links he offered and found Steve Camp's website "audience One," on which Camp gives an unfavorable review of McLaren's new book A Generous Orthodoxy.

I wrote to Steve Camp, offering my opinion of his critique of Brian McLaren. He graciously replied via e-mail, and we went back and forth a few times. You can read the e-mail conversation here.

Read other's reactions to Doug Pagitt's call for gentle battle stations here.


Anonymous said...

Just read your e-mails back and forth with Steve Camp and I think you’re doing a great job. I'm sure others are encouraging you in this respect, but I figure a little more can't hurt.

Bill Arnold
poet in motion

Byron said...

Hey, buddy, you just be nice to Steve Camp. You may have emailed him, but I've spoken to him on the PHONE...neener neener neener.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

I deeply appreciate the example you're setting for us in how to engage those who disagree (and are even a tad hostile) with emergents. Steve Camp's thoughts are only the beginning, and our responses must be seasoned deeply and authentically by grace, peace, and a whole lot of deep thinking and praying. Again, thank you for setting such a good example both ethically and intellectually.

Grace to you.

Greg in Nicaragua